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About HiFi-Agenten

HiFi-Agenten is a HiFi and home theater importer and wholesaler that started in December 1993. You can find our product in most dedicated hifi and cinema stores in Sweden. In our productportfolio you will find products from: Martin Logan, WBT, Bladelius, Real Cable, REL Acoustics, Sumiko, Thorens, Norstone design, Valhalla, Cornered Audio, T.C.I., Acoustic Energy, Quad, Cyrus Audio, Powergrip, Simply Analog, Leak Audio, Paradigm, Anthem, Wharfedale, Audiolab och Ludic Audio.


We work with products and brands we can stand behind. Today we represent both large companies and smaller brands.


We belive in keeping stock so we easy and fast can ship products to our retailers. We handle our own warehouse to keep the errors low.


We have a large network of retailers all over Sweden. We mainly cooperate with retailers with a physical store but more and more also with dedicated installers.